Saturday, February 9, 2013

Interesting Ethics

A person who contacted me has this link posted on their facebook.  Absolutely interesting article.  (It is a pay per view research paper but the first 2 pages are worthwhile).  This isn't to try and scare anyone away from the procedure but to highlight the fact that the research going on is dealing with some of the worst depression imaginable and there are risks.

As a long time advocate of the research protocol mandating that a person be assigned to a counselor or therapist, I believe Dr. Gilbert has made the point.  My opinion, for what it is worth, is that a therapist (who may be blind to whether the person is turned on or not) should check in with patients for the first few weeks after every visit for a "tune-up".  And of course, be available whenever the person needs someone to talk with.

As a general statement, we don't like socializing much and definitely don't like talking about how we feel if the gizmo doesn't seem to be working.  But ethically, I would think the IRBs should require it.  (And not just for us depressed, but probably for all experimental DBS).

As for me..... nothing really new to report.  What I've discovered in myself though is much less interest in following the subject.  It's almost like a denial reflex that I should stay abreast of all the research on DBS.  Not reading about it makes it not real for me, so to speak. I'm overall pleased with the continuing research into TRD and depression in general.  Some of the outcomes of the latest TMS are FASCINATING to say the least, but I find myself less "glued" to the Internet over depression.  Denial is a wonderful thing.

Best to all.  Wish NM would contact me.