Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Progress Is What We Look for

Dr. Mayberg shares more of her information in this link.  "Meet the Scientist".

On the bright side, it looks like the data from both those who got some relief as well as those who may not be responding is being used to map out new strategies. 

And more details on the Broaden study from the neurocritic blog. The Broaden study is one of many that have been going on, albeit the one that seems to be the largest. 

I am obviously feeling a little mixed. Not having answers to what will happen in the study is a bit concerning, but I am optimistic because the data is pointing to more (and more efficacious) techniques for the future of battling this ugly disease.

Hang on folks....  progress is being made, even though it may not feel that way.  A very good friend used to have the catch phrase "Progress is what we look for".