Monday, March 8, 2010

Roller Coaster

My last post was less than positive. The study itself shifts gears at the one year mark and it seems like either you get it - or you don't. The length of time between seeing the doctors enlongates and there isn't a lot of discussion of options.

Frankly, I was pissed.

I have plenty of feedback for the 'handlers' and we'll see if they are interested in my comments.

Along the same circuitry of depression exists anxiety and anger. Given that OCD is considered an anxiety disorder and the DBS experiments on OCD seem to plug into the same circuits makes a lot of sense. As for the anger / irritability - one has to wonder how close in the limbic system fight or flight is connected to the same areas. In my mind, I picure anger, anxiety & depression all exisiting on the same circuit board. Suffice to say, in my own experience, I've become friends with anxiety and anger.

My update consists of some more links and a VERY informative video by Dr. Mayberg. I had to download the "REAL" plug in to watch it, but its worth it. (more of a paper review)

and the most important one:

I'll see if BLOG allows .rm files as videos: It tried but after 30 minutes of uploading wasn't done. Please take the time to go to the nih site and view the video.

I am doing quite well, after the aftershocks of the 1 year transistion. I am more positive about the whole DBS idea now than 3 months ago. I still contend the handling of the patients is not where it should be, but the medical science is advancing in the direction it should.

I am still aware of some 'bad' experiences occurring with others and extend my best wishes to those people and hope something can be done. I also find it fascinating that I've not heard from any Medtronic participants. The Europeans have a study where they're implanting 4 leads - and taking the time to test each and every node on each and every lead. (I would think that would be a pretty smart thing to do even if you fully believe node 2 is exactly placed where you want it).

I go for a checkup soon. I thought about skipping it - and I'll tell you why afterwards.