Thursday, April 8, 2010

Still on the Roller Coaster

Interesting that a fellow depression pal entitled her blog with the Roller Coaster title as well.

I previously committed to not revealing too much about the effects in order to preserve any research boundaries. My last couple of posts had mixed messages in them so I thought I'd explain a tad more but still not go overboard on details.

I did experience some unusual emotions for me. However, I have been under extreme financial stress and the Holidays have almost always sucked. Was it gizmo or circumstance? I can't say. But I will say it wasn't something that surprised the handlers nor something that made me think about turning gizmo off. It was bearable. Uncomfortable for a time, but definitely not a show stopper. My results may or may not be typical. If someone were considering the procedure, I wouldn't let my dip influence my decision.

And yes, I had a period of time where I could feel a difference (in the positive). I even went so far as to attempt to reduce my medication. I did feel good enough to consider not making my appointment. For anyone who suffers depression and starts feeling better, no matter how much you detest taking meds - DON'T MESS WITH THEM. At least not on the most GRADUAL of scale with your handlers leading the way. LESSON LEARNED.

So a couple of caveats so far: Listen carefully to the handlers; use their resources as much as possible; expect some ups and downs (whether its working or not); don't mess with meds if you are feeling better!!!

I know different meds and different therapies work for different folks. (Because frankly I believe there are different types of depression and we aren't smart enough yet to know the difference). I went through a set of seminars and I mentioned it a few blogs back. [I've removed some references that could ID me]. There are similar ones across the nation and if someone is interested they can email me with their location and I'll try to locate one. They are NOT for everyone. This too isn't a cure all. I'm just saying I felt much better after doing them.

I have plans this weekend but just found out that Dr. Mayberg will be speaking a few hours away from where I live. There is a big part of me that wants to cancel my plans and go listen and possibly even meet her. I don't know if that would be ethical or not for her to talk with a subject. I don't know if I would have the opportunity to speak with her. And frankly, I'm not sure what I'd say. Oh well. If she happens to read this in time & wants to meet - I'd be more than happy to rearrange my schedule. LOL. Who knows. Maybe I could get a job helping her.

So... with any luck, my meds will get me back to that better place in a couple more weeks. As far as I know and as well as my Canadian connection has pointed out, there isn't anyone who has had good enough results to completely come off meds. I know a number of the original Canadians check this out on occasion and I'm sure many in the Brodman Study do too. Again, I've not heard anything from and Medtronics subjects, but I'd be extremely interested in any that were able to get off meds. Feel free to email me if you don't want to leave an anonymous post.

Speaking of comments - someone left an updated link to the Mayberg interview that seems to work better:

MM - hang in there - call when you need.
Sadano - BLESS YOU
Fellow DBS followers - I think about you often. Hope things are improving.

I've added 3 new posts to the list on the right - recent articles in the news. One is a research paper which reviews the currently published findings on DBS for depression and OCD. I linked the actual pdf. The second is the 1st article I've read about Medtronic's actual trial. The 3rd, with the Warning, is about German research. Every time I pull it up my browser locks up. Might be me.

One last comment - I am TRULY blessed to have a partner who continues to put up with me. Thanks my love! (Herb, and another other caretaker/supporters, God bless you).