Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Progress Is What We Look for

Dr. Mayberg shares more of her information in this link.  "Meet the Scientist".

On the bright side, it looks like the data from both those who got some relief as well as those who may not be responding is being used to map out new strategies. 

And more details on the Broaden study from the neurocritic blog. The Broaden study is one of many that have been going on, albeit the one that seems to be the largest. 

I am obviously feeling a little mixed. Not having answers to what will happen in the study is a bit concerning, but I am optimistic because the data is pointing to more (and more efficacious) techniques for the future of battling this ugly disease.

Hang on folks....  progress is being made, even though it may not feel that way.  A very good friend used to have the catch phrase "Progress is what we look for".


Anonymous said...

Thought I would drop by here. Like you, I am in 'denial' (of sorts) that I have depression "so bad" that I have DBS. Likewise, I am in denial of the news I received at my last check-up: ANS/St.Jude's (as well Medtronics) have dropped the DBS study for depression.

Also, thought I would find more here from you on the topic (as your denial seems to be less severe than mine). I come here because, simply, your blog has been life-sustaining. Any insight?

Anonymous said...

More on the topic: I followed your blog to Neurocritic's Blog. (You *both* are geniuses. Is that gen-i?) Thanks--yet again--for the critical info/references/links. You da'bomb. He addressed the "failed" study. ** Gee, NIH told me that I was *never* to use that word. : ) **

More important: now what?

Anonymous said...

Seriously, does ANYone know the answer to this, "now what?" Anyone? Anyone? [smile]

Are we--the implanted--now doomed a fate worse than the VNS Study folk? At least they had FDA approval.

Mark p.s.2 said...

I would only get DBS ( if I had the choice) if I had no other options left. Other good news for brain stimulation. http://www.ctvnews.ca/brain-stimulator-helps-slow-man-s-alzheimer-s-disease-1.777932

Anonymous said...

I spoke to the Broaden study people in 2012 about getting DBS through them and they seemed *way* too eager to recruit me. I told them I had OCD, which in principle should disqualify me from the study, and they basically told me that they could get me in anyway. I was kind of unnerved by that, and also by the fact that they told me there would be no intra-operative test stimulation. Test stim during the operation is completely standard in DBS surgery, and all other studies do it. I was never told the gory details that we learn on this blog, such as the fact that Broaden only adjusts one of the stimulation parameters for its patients. In legit DBS, there are at least five parameters that should be optimized for each patient.

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