Sunday, December 21, 2008

A couple of thoughts

As I mentioned, I am very close to one friend who I consider to be like a brother, but elected not to share my direct experience with him at the time. Here's an interesting side-note.

My friend heard about the cover story and called me. A friend of a friend had called him, etc. No biggie but he was concerned. I reassured him that I was fine and was never in any danger. When I described that they had drilled a couple of holes in my head, I expected him to make jokes about needing more holes in my head. Instead, he commented that I should have had them insert some wires and done that 'deep brain stimulation' thing. Hmmm.... we are connected too well.

[More cover story detail was removed from here]. I will let him in on the 'rest of the story' next week.

Here's another side thought for anyone undergoing this type of surgery - plan on wearing button down shirts, not pull-overs. LOL Every time I pull on a t-shirt it tugs at the stitches.


Anonymous said...

Stitches? They didn't staple everything?

Anonymous said...

From a blogging perspective lying to your friends and family might not be a bad idea, it would at least give you easy material for the blog...

Has it been turned on yet?

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