Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Quickie Update

Again, thanks to the well wishers. Psyfi, I'm with you - excited and blessed to be in the study.

Randomization will occur shortly. (That's where I go in and the programmer either pushes On or Off). I'm looking forward to getting started - whether on or off; let's get r done.

On a healing note, the wounds are all coming along well. The generator still moves around a lot and though I suspect it is normal, is currently a little annoying.

After reading a couple of the comments, I began to feel dizzy.... LOL - kidding. Apparently some readers don't understand why I shouldn't post my thoughts about being On or Off. I can't say I completely do either, but this is a gift and if the gift givers asked me to not blog - I wouldn't at all. For now, I'll keep you updated on the physical aspects. Probably boring. But that describes my life right now anyway. Pretty withdrawn and boring.

As I mentioned before, I did turn on an email, so anyone who wants more detail can write.

Have a safe and wonderful New Year. I WANT 2009!!!! Badly!!!!

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Denise said...

As a sufferer from depression/anxiety, I have been watching the progress of this potential treatment for depression closely.

From what I've read there seem to be about five sites which could be targetted to alleviate depression.

Therefore, if you were to participate in a DBS trial and you don't find it of any benefit, what do you do next, opt to attend another trial where they are targetting another site??? You could go on forever like that.

Dr Helen Mayberg mentioned that a number of patients noticed acute affects in the operating room, wouldn't it make sense, whilst they are doing the operation for them to try stimulating more than one site to see if the patient reacts better depending on the site that is being stimulated. Or is it not that simple?

Also, Dr Helen Mayberg says that the patients in her study who failed to respond to treatment showed no subgenial cingulate changes. I'm not sure which area of the brain they have stimulated in your case but if it is the "Brodmann area 25" have they noticed any changes in the Subgenial Cingulate area of your brain?


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